According to the last 5 posts Rock Band will no longer be supported past April 2nd.

The High Tides DLC for Farcry 3 that was originally said to be PS3 exclusive is now available to PC (and maybe 360)

Just a blip, Black Ops II Double XP weekend has started, and is active until Monday 10 AM PST.

Some of Amazon's cloud servers are down, taking out the Gearbox, Gamefaqs, and Reddit sites among others.

Brady Games just released Borderlands 2 Map Apps for both iOS and Android for $3. They feature all the locations of the

I found a pretty funny bug in Borderlands 2 concerning bandits and a rocket launcher.

I don't know if you did an article on this already since the video was posted last year, but there is a BFG 9000 mod

Patrick Boivin, maker of the Iron Man vs Bruce Lee stop motion video, unboxes the new Google Nexus 7. No actual

Atlus announced in a press release that the reason for the Persona 4 Arena locking is to prevent mass importing of the


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